Przemek Branas. Moonrise

Chapel Gallery

Przemek Branas. Moonrise

29 September 2018 – 6 January 2019

‘Chapel’ Gallery

Curator: Dorota Monkiewicz

‘He who starts a herbarium, wants to serve life. However, he soon notices that he serves two masters – that he also serves death: he changes plants into signs, into dead letters of language. What makes a lunar side of each herbarium is a tale about a poisoned life, poison; of the grey Sun reflecting the light of the grey Moon [Monet did not recommend using black]. Thus, herbarium is ambiguous, just like ambiguous are signs and writing: a plant is dead but it revives and living in the sign it refers us to the poison of language and its own death; it says: I am a dead sign of life, I am a living sign of death; a poisoned life’. Marek Kraszewski

On the day of vernissage, an evening performance of the artist will be held.

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