A visit at the Centre for Sculptors’ Creative Work not only guarantees professional technical services but also convenient accommodation conditions. The old manorial granary was converted into the Sculptor’s House with 24 beds in single, double and triple rooms, each with a bathroom, television and radio. On the premises, there is a canteen with full-board option and a café, Café Art with a spacious, glass terrace. The café interiors traditionally serve as venues for evening shows of films on art, symposiums, academic conferences, discussions on the issues of contemporary works. All of these in a club climate, with a cup of steaming coffee in hand, in a friendly, intellectual ambience.

The Sculptor’s House provides more comfortable accommodation than the guest lodges which come with the sculpting studios. Six double, mezzanine rooms with bathrooms downstairs, provide more discreet but a more modest model of accommodation.

In the sculpting square, there is a place which enjoys an unflagging popularity among Orońsko sculptors. Directly behind the Sculptor’s House, a roofed area is located for barbecues and bonfires. In the summer evenings, all the residents of the centre gather around a burning fire, to sum up the events of an arduous day.

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